Upala Sengupta is an Ojo Eshu Wilder (barely) and a warrior against the Dauntain.

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A native of India, Upala has traveled through much of Europe, Africa, and Asia. She has recently arrived in Concordia pursuing her personal mission: Locate Kithain children who would be lost to the Dreaming due to lack of Glamour, Banal parents, or Dauntain. She is barely past childhood herself but this young and idealistic elegbara is fluent in four languages and conversant in the universal language of compassion. She will go to any length to save children from danger. She generally supports the sidhe because she believes that strong and dedicated leadership of the kithain furthers her own goals. She knows that High King David has forbidden his subjects to directly confront Dauntain and she has great respect for him and his egalitarian ideas but she still believes a direct attack is sometimes the best and quickest way to rescue a victim. So far she has been lucky. It's not logical to think, though, the her enemies are ignoring her meddling and they are probably waiting for a good moment to capture and question her.

Upala is being considered for membership in the Order of Eiliethyia and rumor has it this has drawn the enmity of the Monkey's Paw and the Beltaine Blade.

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