Universal Solvent is a Level 4 proscribed Nocker Treasure.

Overview[edit | edit source]


Universal Solvent is a result of Nocker investigation into chimerical alchemy and is the greatest (and among the rarest) products of this science. The solvent is a binary compound; the alchemist must keep its parts in two separate bottles (one Black, one White, usually). When the nocker mixes the two components, a dense cloud of pure Banality pours forth, dissolving every chimerical object in its path, including changelings in their fae mien. Since this solution is banal, it can never have a Wyrd effect.

The Treasure's bottles contain enough solution to create one large cloud (30-foot radius) or a few smaller clouds. Obviously the nocker should check wind speed and direction before using this concoction. Since this treasure introduces pure Banality into the world, nockers only allow its use in absolute emergencies.

This is a proscribed treasure which means only Nockers may own or buy it. If the Bes Din approves, it could be sold to a noble but it is highly unlikely that the nockers would let anyone in the Seelie Court know such a thing even exists or loose such an advantage to wide knowledge.

System[edit | edit source]

The fog does 6 points of damage per turn. Armor is ineffective.

References[edit | edit source]

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