The United States of America is a country on planet Earth in the Trinity Universe, not unlike the real-world location.


Up until about 1997 the Trinity Universe was nearly identical to the real world universe, but then in 1998 the Aberrants made themselves known to the world. At some point by the year 2120 the United States is broken up into 4 to 5 states in what was once formerly known as the country of the Contiguous USA. its unclear how the other areas of the united states are in the year 2120 but is is clear that within the contiguous United States there are countries of TEX-mex, Eastern Republic and others. There is a Fascist government that tried to take over it formed a Federation over the United States of America.  in 2109 they were finally removed from power and then the globalists took over forming the North American Union and also restoring Canada and Mexico due to the border problems with the USA.  But over the civil wars and wars with other countries like China the Americans were still week in power compared to the Brazilians or the Africans, also the Europeans are still rebuilding in the 2120s like the USA. 

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