The Underhill Tea Service is a Level 1 to 5 Treasure of the Boggans.

Overview Edit

The work of master boggan crafters at the famed Longwood Arboretum freehold, only a few original sets of this beautiful porcelain tea service remain. They are highly sought after by collectors, not just for their antique value but also for the subtle enchantments woven into the pieces. For each original piece of the service you possess (and point spent on this Background), you may select one of the benefits listed below. Activating a benefit requires 1 Glamour for the scene.

Benefits Edit

  • Tea is always the perfect temperature and flavor for everyone, so much so that a group who sits down and shares a nice cup of tea with this service subtracts -1 from the difficulty of all their teamwork actions for the rest of the chapter.
  • Tea served is so distractingly delicious, anyone but the owner who drinks from this service must succeed at a Willpower roll (difficulty of the owner’s Glamour rating + 3, max 10) each time they wish to tell a lie for the rest of the scene.
  • The boggan sees the floral patterns shift on a target’s cup shift to reveal their mood, as per the language of flowers. Subtract -2 from the difficulty of Empathy rolls involving the target for the rest of the scene. Only the owner sees this change.
  • Tea from this service sustains and invigorates, counting the same as a full meal and allowing a target to get by on only two-hours sleep per night, provided they drink at least three cups during the day.
  • Tea builds bridges. While taking tea with someone else, the owner receives the benefits of the Scholar of Others Merit regarding that subject and others like him. If more than one other person is drinking tea at the same time, only one can be chosen for this benefit. This effect lasts for the rest of the scene.

References Edit

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