Under the Black Cross is a supplement for Vampire: The Dark Ages that deals with the conflict between the Ventrue Lord Jürgen von Verden and the Tzimisce voivode Vladimir Rustovich for domain over Hungary. It encompasses three stories that follow the Ventrue clan's efforts to establish their rule over Hungary, sending agents as far afield as the Holy Land in pursuit of allies and advantage.

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From the White Wolf catalog:

War of the Damned
It is a time of conflict. The Ventrue Lord Jürgen and the Tzimisce Vladimir Rustovitch battle for domain in Hungary, while their agents spar across Europe, using intrigue and bloodshed in equal measure. In the Holy Land, the Fifth Crusade arrives in Acre, and the vampiric lords' agents come with it in pursuit of a fragment of the True Cross. Victory can come only at a terrible price.
Blood of the Innocent
Under the Black Cross is a complete chronicle for Vampire: The Dark Ages. Its three stories follow Ventrue efforts to use the Teutonic Knights to establish domain in the Tzimisce territories of Hungary, sending agents as far afield as the Holy Land in pursuit of allies and advantage.
Under the Black Cross includes:
  • A way to bring your Dark Ages game forward into the 1220s.
  • Details on the Teutonic Knights and on Acre, a city closed off from Cainite influence for centuries, now cast open.
  • The chance to put your players' coterie center stage for the continued transformation of the Dark Ages setting.

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