One of the mightiest Umbral realms of the Middle Kingdom, the domain of Umi claims the entire Pacific as its purview, though certain Polynesian and Indonesian spirit realms beg to differ. This realm can supposedly be reached through great vortices in the deepest oceanic abysses. From his palace at the bottom of the realm, the Dragon King of Umi oversees the myriad responsibilities of his domain: sending calms and tempests, guiding ships into port or sending sharks to attack shipwrecked sailors. The Dragon King is served by squadrons of Zhong Lung and schools of Same-Bito and even some of the elusive Nagah. Also, Spirit versions of sharks, jellyfish, giant squid and other oceanic terrors keep order in the Sea King's domain.

The Dragon King himself keeps to his private chambers and has not been seen publicly in 50 years. Speculation concerning the self-imposed exile runs rampant through Umi and beyond. Certain courtiers say that the Dragon King mourns his love, the destroyed Dragon Princess of Hiroshima; others mutter that the Dragon King was in the Dragon Princess's bed on August 6, 1945, and that since then he has suffered from a frightful and disfiguring malady. In the Dragon King's place rules his seneschal, Gajyra, a brutal and towering dragon-spirit whose flaming breath can vaporize white jade and metal alike. Some among the spirit worlds whisper that Gajyra himself has felt the taint of nuclear testing within the Pacific.

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