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Umbra Revised is a Werewolf: The Apocalypse product released in 2001.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Invisible World
The spirit world may be invisible to human eyes, but the Garou know that it's even more important than the physical realm. The Umbra contains the sum of all existence, whether the stark horror of the Abyss or the fleeting hope of the Summer Country. Dare to explore the reaches of the spirit world alongside the werewolves. Step into the Umbra.

The Guidebook to All Creation
At long last, the ultimate guide to the spirit world has been updated, expanded and revised for the new edition of Werewolf. Umbra Revised covers every aspect of the spirit world in detail, from the wondrous and horrifying Realms to the mysteries of the Penumbra and Dark Umbra. The Umbra is the heart and soul of a Werewolf game, and this is the ultimate guide to it. No chronicle should go without.
Umbra Revised contains:
  • A long look at the spirit world, from the rules considerations of the Penumbra to the contents of the Dark and Deep Umbrae
  • A guide to the various Near Realms, from the Abyss to Wolfhome
  • Bonus rites, fetishes, Gofts, adversaries, spirit allies and other materials to enhance Umbral journeys


Introduction: The Velvet Shadow[]

Chapter One: Cosmology[]

The basic underpinnings of the Umbra and how shapeshifters interact with it

Chapter Two: The Realms[]

The Near Realms and sub-realms of the Near Umbra

Chapter Three: Spirits[]

Advice on handling spirits and new spirit allies and enemies

  • Important Spirits
    • The Garou Totems
      • Pegasus
      • Pegasus Jaggling - Stats
      • Rat
      • Rat Gaffling - Stats
      • Unicorn
      • Heart Guides (Unicorn Anamae) - Stats
      • Stag
      • Black Stag - Stats
      • Fenris
      • War Wolves - Stats
      • Cockroach
      • Cockroach Jagglings - Stats
      • Griffin
      • Sabertooth Tiger - Stats
      • Grandfather Thunder
      • Night-spirits - Stats
        • Charm: Create Shadows
      • Owl
      • Owl Gaffling - Stats
      • Falcon
      • Falcon Gaffling - Stats
      • Chimera
      • Menegwho, the Patchwork Wolf - Stats
      • Uktena
      • Snake Jaggling - Stats
        • Charm: Paralyzing Stare
      • Wendigo
      • Ice Hunter - Stats
    • Naturae
      • Plant Spirits
        • Oak - Stats
      • Elementals
        • Air - Stats
        • Earth - Stats
        • Fire - Stats
        • Water - Stats
        • Metal - Stats
      • New Elementals
        • Plastic - Stats
        • Electricity - Stats
        • Glass - Stats
      • Bane Elementals
        • Hoglings (Smog) - Stats
          • Charm: Choke
        • Furmlings (Balefire) - Stats
        • H'rugglings (Sludge) - Stats
        • Wakshaani (Toxins) - Stats
    • Moon Spirits
      • Moonshadow - Stats
  • Spirits of the Wyld
    • Malleon - Stats
      • Charm: Intangibility
    • Color String - Stats
  • Enemies
    • Dream Banes
      • Charms: Dream Journey, Neutral Scent

Chapter Four: Storytelling in the Umbra[]

How to tell the perfect Umbral story


  • Gifts
    • Lupus
      • Sense Wyld - Level One
    • Ragabash
      • Emergency Exit - Level Two
    • Theurge
      • Sense Weaver - Level One
      • Sense Wyld - Level One
      • Parting the Velvet Curtain - Level Three
      • Web Walker - Level Three
    • Philodox
      • Realm Wisdom - Level Two
    • Galliard
      • Scent of Distinction - Level Three
    • Ahroun
      • Spirit Savage - Level Three
    • Black Furies
      • Sense Wyld - Level One
    • Children of Gaia
      • Parting the Velvet Curtain - Level Three
    • Glass Walkers
      • Web Walker - Level Three
      • Virtual Umbra - Level Four
  • Rites
    • Descent into the Dark Umbra - Level Three
    • Rite of Dreaming - Level Three
    • Rite of Homecoming - Level Three
    • Rite of the Silver Forge - Level Four
    • Rite of Phoebe's Stair - Level Four
  • New Charms
    • Create Shadows
    • Choke
    • Dream Journey
    • Intangibility
    • Neutral Scent
    • Paralyzing Stare
    • Sap Will
  • Abyss
    • Stealing the Soul - Level Five, Nightmaster's Unique Gift
    • Fetishes
      • Heart of Midnight - Level 5, Gnosis 8
  • Aetherial Realm
    • Fetishes
      • Moonsilver
      • Wyldstones - Level 5, Gnosis 8
  • Arcadia Gateway
    • Fetishes
      • Faerie Weapon - Level 2, Gnosis 7
      • Airborne Faerie Weapon - Level 4, Gnosis 8
      • Fae Armor - Level 4, Gnosis 6
  • Atrocity Realm
    • Inhabitants
      • Typical Victimizer - Stats
  • CyberRealm
    • Inhabitants
      • Typical CyberWolf- Homid Ragabash Bone Gnawer, Stats
      • Nanospiders - Spirit, Stats
      • Weaver Constructs - Spirit, Stats
    • Fetishes
      • ID Card - Level 1, Gnosis 3
      • Geomid Fragment - Level 3, Gnosis 7
      • Stabilizer Patch (Talen) - Gnosis 5
      • Booster Patch (Talen) - Gnosis 3
    • Cyberfetishes
      • Lightning Claws - Level 4, Gnosis 5
      • Steel Hide (Technofetish) - Level 4, Gnosis 5
  • Erebus
    • Inhabitants
      • Members of Charyss' Brood - Stats
    • Fetishes
      • Brood Spear - Level 5, Gnosis 6
      • Water of the Silver Lake (Talen) - Gnosis 8
  • Pangaea
    • Inhabitants
      • Sample Dinosaur: Large Carnosaur - Stats
      • Sample Dinosaur: Utahraptor - Stats
  • Scar
    • Inhabitants
      • Blight Spiders - Spirit, Stats
  • Wolfhome
    • Fetishes
      • Tracking Collar - Level 2, Gnosis 5

Background Information[]

Memorable Quotes[]


  • Introduction: The Velvet Shadow
    • Callie Heart-Like-a-Fist - Garou
    • Anya
  • Chapter One: Cosmology
    • Klaital Stargazer
    • Joins-the-Mile-High - Glass Walker Homid Ragabash
    • Fridge Magnet - Glass Walker Ragabash, "Umbral Tourist"
    • Sense-the-Unseen - Uktena Theurge
    • Mam'selle Guillotine - Shadow Lord Philodox and historian
    • Echoes-of-the-Past - Silent Strider Galliard
    • Zero Tolerance - Get of Fenris Modi
  • Chapter Two: The Realms
    • Grythyg - Black Spiral Dancer priestess, Abyss, Hive of the Jagged Maw
    • Perfect Metis - mentioned
    • Lord Lysander - Seelie Sidhe, vanished
    • Queen Marianna - Unseelie Sidhe
    • Mikaboshi - Incarna of the Wicked City, Yama King
    • Charyss - Incarna of Erebus
    • Brood - Spirits of Erebus
    • Cerberus - Spirt of Erebus
    • Coil - Wyld Incarna of Flux
    • Lady Aife
    • Doge Klypse
    • Collum
    • Kerne
    • Choke
    • Yul
    • Elder Serpent - Incarna of Pangaea
    • Barons - Wyrm/Weaver-Spirits of Scar
  • Appendix


Abyss (Golden Path, Hive of the Jagged Maw, Iron Path, Lost Legion (Wraiths), Maelstrom, Maw of Jormungandr (Abyss to the GoF), Shadow Fang (Abyss to the Nagah), Silver Path), Aetherial Realm (Aetherial Reaches, Eshtarra, Helios, Hyperion, Katanka-Sonnak, Lu-Bat, Luna, Membrane, Meros, Mitanu, Nerigal, Phoebe, Reaches, Rorg, Ruatma, Sept of the Stars, Shantar, Tambiyah, Weaver Reaches, Wyld Reaches, Wyrm Reaches, Zarok), Airts, Aislings, Anchorheads, Anthelios, Arcadia Gateway (Avalon, Childlings, Commoners, Endless Winter, Faerie, Fair Folk, Greybeard, Grim Fortress, Hy-Brasil, Kithain, Leagues, Seemings, Thallain, Tir na-N'ogh, Trails, Trod, Seelie, Unseelie, Wildlings), Atrocity Realm (Breeding Pits, Dark Kingdom of Wire, Drone, Fifth Maelstrom, Underworld, The Wall, The Wire, Wraith), Awen, Bane, Battleground (Army of the Apocalypse, Last Battle, Plain of the Apocalypse, Signpost, Vigard Plain (GoF name for the Plain)), Blight, Broods, Celestine, Chimares, Chimerlings, Chiminage, Curses, Cyberfetishes, CyberRealm (CyberWolves, Computer Web: Macro Level and Mirco Level; Downtown, Juice, Old Town, Pit, Spider City, Spider Patrol, Uptown, Wicked City), Dark Kingdom of Jade, Dark Umbra, Deep Umbra, Den-realms, Digital Web, Disconnection, Domains, Duat, Ephemera, Epiphs/Epiphlings, Erebus (Citadel of Charyss, The Deal, Gates of Erebus, Modgudur's Tree (Corax), Silver Gate, Silver Lake, Unfortunates), Elemental, Emanations, Flux, Freehold, Gaffling, Gauntlet, Geomids, Ghost Train (Nuwisha), Glen, Gnosis, Gnosticism, Haunt, Haunting, Hellholes, High Umbra, Horizon Realms, Incarna, Ivory Priesthood (Camp), Jaggling, Labyrinth of the Black Spiral, Legendary Realm (Fimbulwinter, Great Dust, Kingdoms, Midnight Lands, Third City, Wylderness), Low Umbra, Lunae, Lunes, Maeljin Incarna, Malfean Realms, Malfeas (Calumn, Castle Cthonus, Central Duchy, Earth Pit, Far Calumn, Gardens of Nightmare, Maeljin Duchies, Temple Obscura), Midnight Express, Mini-realms: The Beast; Moon Bridges, Moon Paths, Moonsilver, Near Realm, Near Umbra, Night Train, Pacts (Fetish and Personal), Pangaea (Graveyard of the Lost (Level 6 Caern), Savage Tribes: Desert Barbarians, Thulan, Zarak-Ur), Pathstone, Pattern Web, Penumbra/Penumbrae, Periphery, Phragments, Realm, Red Star, Scar (Bane Spiders, Guardsmen), Sea of Shadows, Shadowlands, Slumber, Society of Nidhogg (Camp), Spirit, Spirit Gates, Spirit Quests, Spirit Tracks, Stepping Sideways, Stygia, Sub-Realms: Land of the Dinosaurs, Television Realm; Subway, Summer Country (Cloudtop High, Enchanted Glade, Forest of Longing, Forest of Promise, Garden of Delight, Isle of Self, Mountains of the Moon, Mount Peace, Well of Life), Sustenance, Swar, Tapestry: Yang Realms: Realm of Fighting Spirits, Umi; Yin Realms: Lord Spider's Web; Technofetish, Tellurian, Temporal Sub-realm: Wild Wyld West; Temporal Zones, Totem (Caern, Pack, Personal, Sept and Tribal), Tribal Homelands (Castle of Heroes (Silver Fangs), The City (Glass Walkers), Great Moutain (Shadow Lords), Wild Hunt (Fianna)), Umbra, Umbral Winds, Vistas, Wagnerians (Camp), Weaver-Spirits, Webs, Wolfhome (Camps, Countryside, Hell (Ratkin), Human Paradise (Corax), Sewers, Shelters, Town, Zoo), Wyldlings, Wyld spirits, Wyrm-spirits, Yellow Springs, Zones: Dream Zone, Mirror Zone, Null Zone, Twilight Zone;


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