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Umbra: The Velvet Shadow is the sourcebook on the Umbra and its spirit denizens for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Information on the realms of the Wyrm is given elsewhere, in Book of the Wyrm.


From the White Wolf 1993-94 catalog:

The sourcebook on the Umbra, the spirit realm where many battles of the Apocalypse are fought. This book details its denizens and Realms, from the awesome Celestines to the hell-pits of the Inferno. Expanded information on traveling in the Umbra and the odd encounters to be had there.

From the Back Cover:

A Song of an Older Time
Long ago, the world was One. Everything lived in harmony. All creatures revered the great mother, Gaia. Then the fabric of the world was rent. Spirit was torn from matter by the claws of the Wyrm and the webs of the Weaver. From one world, two were born: the Earth and the Umbra.
A Memory Yet To Come
The Garou still live between the two worlds. They have one foot in each world, yet their home is in neither. They can walk in the Shadow, talk to the spirits and find wisdom. Great adventures are waiting in the Umbra – but Death also waits; the Wyrm has infiltrated the Shadow. There can be no rest, no safe haven – even in the Umbra, the Apocalypse is coming.
Umbra: The Velvet Shadow is a Werewolf sourcebook detailing the places, spirits and cosmology of the Garou spirit world. It includes:
  • The 13 Near Realms known to the Garou: their residents, the laws that govern them and adventure ideas.
  • The Tribal Homelands of the 13 Tribes: reflections of the spirit and culture of the Garou.
  • The spirits that roam the Shadow, from the Weaver Gromids and Spiders to the Wyld Nebulae and Vortices.


Legends of the Garou: Through the Shadow

A lesson on the dangers and wisdom of the Umbra.

As told by Gunther Stone, Get of Fenris Galliard.


Recommended Books and Films:

  • The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
  • American Indian Myths & Legends compiled by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz
  • The Kalevala, various translations.
  • Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
  • Films: The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen (or any film by Terry Gilliam), Altered States, Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glass, All That Jazz, Buckaroo Banzai, Dreamchild, Dreams Come True, Dreamscape, Explorers, Into the Woods (a film of the Steven Sondheim play), Labyrinth, Made in Heaven, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, The Never Ending Story, The Singing Detective, Time Bandits (Terry Gilliam again), 2001: A Space Odyssey, Quintet, Prisoners of the Lost Universe, Slaughterhouse Five, Watership Down (read the great book by Richard Adams) and The Wizard of Oz.

Chapter One: Cosmology

The Umbra and its relationship with the Garou.

Chapter Two: Geography

The strange realms of the Umbra.

The Penumbra

Umbral Travel

The Thirteen Near Realms:

  • Abyss
    • Fetishes from the Abyss: Hearts of Midnight (Level 5, Gnosis 8)
  • Aetherial Realm
    • The Sept of the Stars
    • Hyperion Totem
    • MIR Caern
    • Fetishes from the Aetherial Realm: Moonsilver, Pathstones and Wyldstones (Level 5, Gnosis 8)
  • Arcadia Gateway
    • Fetishes from Arcadia Gateway: Faerie Weapons (Level 2, Gnosis 7) and Faerie Armor (Level 3, Gnosis 6)
  • Atrocity Realm
    • Fetishes from the Atrocity Realm: Memory Ribbon (Level 4, Gnosis 7)
  • The Battleground
  • CyberRealm
    • Technofetishes from the CyberRealm: Steel Fur (Level 4, Gnosis 5), Lightning Claws (Level 3, Gnosis 5), Geomid Fragment (Level 3, Gnosis 7), Identification Card (Level 1, Gnosis 3) and Phreak Box (Level 4, Gnosis 6)
    • Talens from the CyberRealm: Stabilizer Patch (Gnosis 5) and Booster Patch (Gnosis 3)
  • Erebus
    • Fetishes from Erebus: Brood Spears (Level 4, Gnosis 6)
    • Talens from Erebus: Water of the Silver Lake (Gnosis 8)
  • Flux
  • Legendary Realm
  • Pangaea
  • Scar
    • Fetishes from the Scar: Web Spinner (Level 3, Gnosis 4)
  • Summer Country
  • Wolfhome

The Tribal Homelands

The Rest of the Umbra

  • Domains
  • Blights
  • Chimares
  • Den Realms
  • Glens
  • Hellholes
  • Lunae
  • Trods
  • Webs
  • Wyldings


  • The Beast


  • Daydream
  • Land of the Dinosaurs
  • Television


  • Death
  • Chaos
  • Stasis
  • Origin


Fetishes and Talens from the Dream Zone:

  • Dream Stones (Level 1, Gnosis 6)
  • Nightmare Coins (Gnosis 7)

The Periphery

Chapter Three: Denizens

The spirits that live in the Shadow.

Chapter Four: Encounters

Stories beyond the Velvet Curtain.

Appendix: Game Rules

Game statistics for spirits and Umbral residents.


  • Lupus: Sense Wyld (Level One)
  • Theurge: Sense Weaver (Level Two)
  • Theurge: Sense Wyld (Level Two)
  • Theurge: Parting the Velvet Curtain (Level Three)
  • Philodox: Power of the Ways (Level Four)
  • Galliard: Scent of Distinction (Level Three)
  • Black Furies: Sense Wyld (Level One)
  • Children of Gaia: Parting the Velvet Curtain (Level Three)
  • Glass Walker: Sense Weaver (Level One)
  • Glass Walker: Web Walker (Level Three)
  • Glass Walker Virtual Umbra (Level Four)


  • Rite of Dreaming (Level 3)
  • Rite of Homecoming (Level 3)
  • Rite of the Silver Forge (Level 4)


  • The Magic Trench Coat (Level 4, Gnosis 6)
  • Moonsilver Whip (Level 5, Gnosis 9)


  • Dream Incense (Gnosis 5)


  • Emanations
  • Incarna and Celestines

Weaver Spirits:

  • Mind Spiders
  • Strand Spiders
  • Guardian Spiders
  • Informational Geomids
  • Attack Geomids
  • Structural Geomids

Wyld Spirits:

  • Wyldstorms
  • Nebulae
  • Color Clouds
  • Malleons
  • Color Strings
  • Pockets
  • Rejects

Charms Chart

A complete list of spirit Charms.

Background Information


Memorable Quotes



  • Soul-of-Fire (Shadow Lord Ahroun Garou) (Pg. 26)
  • Gutterpaws (Female Garou) (Pg. 26)
  • Freebird (Garou) (Pg. 26)
  • Midnight Eyes (Children of Gaia Theurge Garou) (Pg. 27)
  • Lewis Shadows-of-the-Mountains (Stargazer Theurge Garou) (Pg. 31)
  • Sits-Under-Trees (Fianna Garou) (Pg. 39)
  • Courtney Wellington (Female Children of Gaia Garou) (Pg. 50)
  • Kenneth (Fianna Garou) (Pg. 51)
  • Antiope (Black Fury Garou) (Pg. 51)
  • Avery "Steel Byte" Hollins (Glass Walker Garou) (Pg. 51)
  • Visions-of-Darkness (Garou) (Pg. 62)
  • Susan Wyldstrike (Female Garou) (Pg. 62)
  • Wyrm Eater (Wyrm-Corrupted Uktena Ahroun Garou Ghoul, sent to Erebus) (Pg. 64)
  • Silver Wind (Uktena Garou) (Pg. 64)
  • Strength-of-the-Mountain (Uktena Garou) (Pg. 64)
  • Cloud Seeker (Uktena Garou) (Pg. 64)
  • Riversong (Garou) (Pg. 64)
  • Leaps-Into-Madness (Garou) (Pg. 72)
  • Cracked Teeth (Garou) (Pg. 73)
  • Guinivere "Fire Heart" Masters (Female Silver Fang Garou) (Pg. 75)
  • Leafhunter (Garou Packmate of Guinivere) (Pg. 75)
  • Tears-of-Gaia (Garou Ancestor of Guinivere) (Pg. 75)
  • Wayward Son (Wendigo Philodox Garou) (Pg. 45)
  • Victoria Silverfire (Female Silver Fang Garou) (Pg. 84)
  • Stormchaser (Garou) (Pg. 80)
  • Mist Coat (Female Red Talon Garou) (Pg. 80)
  • Silvertongue (Female Garou) (Pg. 80)
  • Moonsong (Garou) (Pg. 80)
  • Heart-of-Rage (Garou) (Pg. 86)
  • Moondancer (Female Garou) (Pg. 89)
  • Edge Runner (Fianna Ahroun) (Pg. 91)
  • Gregor (Bone Gnawer) (Pg. 96)
  • Atalanta (Black Fury Ahroun) (Pg. 26)
  • Blood-Demon (Giant Wyrm-corrupted Metis Garou) (Pg. 108)
  • Grimjaw (Shadow Lord) (Pg. 108)
  • Fights-like-a-Badger (Warder of Elizabeth Lionheart's Sept, Garou) (Pg. 111)
  • Eyes-of-Lawrence (From Elizabeth Lionheart's Sept, Garou) (Pg. 111)
  • Elizabeth Lionheart (Female Silver Fang Philodox Garou) (Pg. 111)
  • Bloodfang (Ragabash Garou) (Pg. 112)
  • Render-of-Bones (Ahroun Garou) (Pg. 113)

Residents of the Abyss:

Residents of the Aetherial Realm:

Residents of the Arcadia Gateway:

  • Lord Lysander (Faerie) (Pg. 141)
  • Princess Mariana (Female Faerie) (Pg. 141-142)
  • Faerie Knights (Pg. 142)
  • Low Faeries (Pg. 142)

Residents of Erebus:

  • Charyss' Brood (Pg. 142)

Residents of the CyberRealm:

  • Cyber Wolves (Pg. 142)
  • Nanospiders (Pg. 142)
  • Weaver Constructs (Pg. 142-143)

Residents of Scar:

  • Blight Spiders (Pg. 143)

Residents of the Tribal Homelands:

Residents of the Dream Zone:

  • Phantasms (Pg. 144)
  • Phragments (Pg. 144)
  • Dream Banes (Pg. 144)



Airts, Aisling, Awen, Blight, Caern, 'Celestine, Greater', 'Celestine, Lesser', Deep Umbra, Domains, Emanations, Epiphs, Gafflings, Gaia, Gauntlet, Hellhole, Incarna, Jagglings, Malfeas, Membrane, Mini-realms, Mirror Zone, Moon Bridges, Moon Paths, Near Umbra, Null Zone, Pack Totem, Penumbra, Periphery, Phragments, Reaching, 'Realm, The', Realms, Realm-System, Spirit Gates, Spirit Tracks, Stepping Sideways, Sub-realms, 'Subway, the', Tellurian, Totem, Trod, Umbra, Virtual Odyssey, The Wagnerians, Web and Zones.

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