Ulugh Begh is the Tremere Pontifex of the Balkans, serving under Etrius.


Little is known about Ulugh Begh, not even his true name. Rumors tell that he founded the Children of the Pyramid, was part of leading circle of the Elite and a member of the Order of Quaesitori. What is known that he was recruited by Meerlinda into House Tremere and later Embraced by her.

Ulugh Begh was a major participant in the Salubri pogrom, hunting and diablerizing dozens of the Healer Clan. Afterwards, he fulfilled diplomatic duties for the Tremere, until he was promoted to the rank of Pontifex in 1992. He vied with Karl Schreckt for the Justicar post in the following decade, but was by-passed in favour of Anastasz di Zagreb, which he resented greatly, as he felt he was more powerful and fit for the job than di Zagreb, who had reached the office mainly by the recommendation from his mentor Jean St. Frederique.

Version DifferencesEdit

His VTES card depicts him as Justicar, along with his own Archons like Muaziz. The next appointment of Justicars, however, would have occurred in 2011 – way past the occurrence of Gehenna in 2004. A possible explanation could be that the VTES timeline ignored the Time of Judgement similar to the metaplot-agnostic setting of V20, allowing him to assume the post after the next meeting of the Inner Council. In the V20 timeline, the current Tremere Justicar is Ian Carfax.


"Ulugh Begh" is a Turkish title meaning Great Ruler, a moniker commonly applied to the real life Sultan Mīrzā Muhammad Tāraghay bin Shāhrukh.



  1. The VTES card gives his name as "Ulugh Beg" instead of "Ulugh Begh". This is likely a spelling mistake.
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