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Ulgan is the name of a Promethean Lineage; they are also known as the Riven. Deeply spiritual and full of insight other Prometheans lack, many of them take on a shamanistic way of life to find their way in the world. They suffer of an excess of ectoplasmic humour, and their element is spirit.


Their Progenitor was a shaman from Siberia named Ulgan, though some Ulgan say their Progenitor was Orpheus.


The Ulgan creation rite requires a mortal in whom the element of spirit is predominant. This mortal must then enter the Twilight state, where they are ripped apart by the spirits who live there, in a grim reinterpretation of traditional shamanic initiation. Whether the human is living or dead at the time is irrelevant - though those who enter the Twilight alive often do so unwillingly. This bloody creation rite gives the Ulgan their nickname - the Riven.



The Riven, as a whole, are not as exclusive to Refinements as the other Lineages seem to be; most commonly found among their numbers is Aurum, though the Ulgan practice it for different reasons than the Galateids. Because of their frequent contact with the spirit realm, some Ulgan do find the rare Refinement of Argentum, while others wish to investigate their own natures and forms more directly and therefore come to the path of Plumbum.


The Ulgan awaken to Promethean existence in terrible pain, their first memory that of being torn to pieces. They feel acutely their lack of a Kut, or soul; the space where it should be is filled with ectoplasm, the matter of the Twilight world, and it is this substance which both animates them and forges their unbreakable link to the realms of spirits.

The Ulgan connection with spirits can take a variety of forms; many Ulgan have the ability to interact with the Twilight, and the spirits there, while a small minority possess knowledge of a song capable of lulling ghosts and spirits alike to sleep. By understanding both of the worlds they walk in, the Ulgan seek to resolve the conundrum of their existence and attain true Mortality.


The Ulgan's disfigurements are disturbing, to say the least. Their skin becomes leathery, turning lighter or darker depending on the Ulgan. Yawning rents appear in their skin, yet no blood spills from them. Inside the rents, there is only darkness, darkness so utter, so absolute, it begins to leak into the physical world. Some Ulgan's eyes lose all color, becoming pure white or black; other times, their eyes disappear completely, leaving empty sockets that drip ectoplasm or open into the void of space.


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