Uktena is the totem of the Uktena tribe, and they get their name from him.

Overview Edit

Uktena is an ancient water spirit with the features of a serpent, cougar, and deer. He is a spirit of riverbeds and dark places, and he knows many hidden secrets.

Traits & Ban Edit

  • Background Cost: 7

Traits Edit

Uktena places a protective ward on each of its children while they are in the Umbra, adding three dice to all soak rolls. Uktena teaches secret lore to its children, so each member gains two extra experience points per story that can only be applied to improving Enigmas, Occult, Rituals, Gifts or other mystical knowledge. In addition, each member gains two points of Wisdom when accepted by their new totem.

More straightforward Garou distrust Uktena’s mysterious ways. Social roll difficulties increase by one when interacting with werewolves other than Uktena or Wendigo. Garou of the Uktena tribe treat the pack like brothers.

Ban Edit

Uktena asks that its Children recover mystical lore, objects, places, and animals from the minions of the Wyrm.

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