Uathach is a legendary Unseelie Sidhe of House Scathach and daughter of Scathach herself.

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Scathach had a daughter. Most fae know that much at least from the legends. It is hardly House Scathach's best-kept secret, though the commonly told tale of her as a foil for Cú Chulainn falls far short of her role in the house's traditions. No one in the house knows the identity of the father. Scathach kept her own counsel as to his identity, and at such times wisdom bade her followers to discretion. It was obvious that she loved her daughter, perhaps too much. It is said that Uathach drew her name (literally meaning the terrible) from a prophecy by the old Tuathan wizard Mathgen, who served as Scathach's mentor and vizier. Even as a child, Uathach exhibited sorcerous skills that outstripped those of the clan's oldest magicians. And Scathach, ever indulgent of her daughter's desires, encouraged her in these Arts.

For the first seven years, daughter and mother were nigh inseparable. One winter's night, however, the Morrigan's granddaughter learned in a dream that she could take the form of a sable unicorn. After that, she roamed far and wide, traveling roads forbidden to her by her mother. As she grew older, she became a rare beauty, attracting many would-be paramours, but all (including, eventually, Cú Chulainn) came to bitter ends.

So it was in Uathach's twentieth year that Mathgen the wizard finally succumbed to the siren call of the other departed Old Ones (Tuatha de Danaan) and left for the Deep Dreaming. Uathach took his place as Malik and head of the Morphean Oracles, a position in the house second only to that of her mother. She grew in that role and, if she sometimes pursued unhealthy studies into the nature of the eldest of the Elder Darks, she also served the house loyally and well for centuries as her mother's right hand. Until, that is, Scathach decided that she and the rest of the tribe would undergo the Changeling Way. It is said that mother and daughter spoke harshly and that they even came to violence over the matter. Regardless, some short years before the War of Trees, Uathach and several like-minded followers departed for the Sea of Silver in pursuit of their destiny. What they sought, and if they found it, has been an enigma to even the house's greatest oracles, at least until the present day.

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