Tyria Winter is an Unseelie Sidhe Wilder of House Leanhaun in the Kingdom of Pacifica.

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Tyria Winter

Unlike most of the members of House Leanhaun, who emerged from the Dreaming in Ireland in 1969 and chose to remain in Hibernia, Lady Tyria felt the siren call of the Summer of Love and made her way to San Francisco. Her own musical talent and her affinity for musicians quickly drew her into the midst of the rock n' roll revolution that was transforming the sound of popular music. Calling herself Tyria Winter, she became the female singer of a psychedelic band called Winter Solstice. To avoid having to interact with the sidhe of San Francisco, she passed herself off as a member of House Liam, claiming to eschew her nobility in favor of associating with the commoner Kithain. Upon the few occasions where Winter Solstice shared a stage with Aeon, the band led by the Duchy of Goldengate’s Duke Aeon, she managed to minimize contact with the Seelie duke.

Winter Solstice might have attained national prominence had it not been for the bad luck that seemed inextricably to strike its most talented musicians. Within a year of its inception, the band’s lead guitar player, Johnny Light, suffered a nervous breakdown and left to join a religious cult. His replacement, Darren Gilmore, died within six months from a drug overdose, just after producing a trio of the band’s best songs. The dynamic guitar virtuoso, Malcolm Frawley, who became Tyria’s lover, lasted just over a year. Many of the band’s followers noted that Tyria’s incessant worry over Malcolm’s health took its toll on her, for she aged visibly during the time she and Malcolm were together. His untimely death at 21 from a massive coronary surprised no one who was familiar with the freewheeling lifestyle of the band. Strangely enough, Tyria seemed to recover her youthful vigor and beauty after Malcolm’s death.

Eventually, Tyria’s best efforts to bring talented musicians into her band began to fail as rumors spread that members of Winter Solstice dabbled in black magic and that the band itself was under the influence of a curse. Tyria moved the band to Los Angeles, where she has found a new cache of talent to prolong her youth. Except for Tyria, all the original members of Winter Solstice are now deceased. Having learned her lesson the first time, Tyria now makes her way through the most talented and stage-shy session musicians in the city.

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