Tyrants are Beasts who hunger for power. They can feed just by physically overpowering someone, or by exerting other forms of power, such as humiliating a rival or abusing an employee. The moment in which the victim recognizes their own powerlessness generates the fear the Beast needs. This is meant to teach victims to respect their own limitations.

The way a Tyrant feeds is always to establish some kind of hierarchy with herself at the top. At high levels of Satiety, this may require the Beast to make a dramatic show of power, such as by taking over a high-profile organization or defeating a well-known opponent in single combat. At lower Satiety, the Tyrant may gain Satiety from much smaller, more personal gestures, even something as similar as shouting at a stranger.


Beast: The Primordial Hungers

Collector · Enabler · Nemesis · Predator · Ravager · Tyrant · Whisper

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