Typhon is a Totem of War.

Overview Edit

Typhon is a raging storm-spirit, the dragon that spits thunder and lightning. He is one of the more violent aspects of Grandfather Thunder, and his children reflect his tendency toward violence. They are aggressive and furious, just like their totem. Most Garou look on Typhon as a mixed blessing; he grants prodigious ability in battle, but he also makes his children thoughtless and temperamental.

  • Background Cost: 5

Traits & Ban Edit

Traits Edit

  • Individual Traits: Each pack member receives three temporary Rage points per story. Typhon’s children gain two temporary Glory but lose two temporary Wisdom.
  • Pack Traits: Packs dedicated to Typhon may share three additional points of Brawl.        

Ban Edit

Typhon demands that his children never pass up a fight with a worthy foe. He also expects his children to spend time communing with storms.

References Edit

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