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Typhon is the name given to the mysterious vampire who sired Osiris, the founder of the Children of Osiris bloodline.


The name Typhon is often used as an epithet for Set, Osiris's brother, the Antediluvian founder and namesake of the Followers of Set clan, also known as Apep the Serpent, among other aliases; this epithet is especially common among the Typhonists, who venerate the clan's founder through the Path of Typhon, which was created by Set himself.[1] However, other sources claim that the vampire who sired Osiris may instead be some other ancient vampire, such as the Lasombra or even the Brujah Antediluvian.

One of these sources is the account known as the "Isis Fragments". In the fragments Typhon is given an entire section, where Isis discarded this name as a mere pseudonym for the stranger that came on the night of a full moon, presenting himself at their court and beseeeching an audience with Osiris. It is said that Typhon was cold, not only in manner but in body, and although his beauty was breathtaking, the only emotion that crossed his fine, pale features was a cruel humor. Some thought he was a god, but other grew worried.

In Osiris' court, Typhon warned the ruler of Egypt about the iminent conflict that would sweep throughout the land if they were unprepared. Osiris granted a private audience to the man, who departed just before dawn. For four moons this pattern continued, as Typhon would reappear on the eve of a full moon to speak privately with Osiris, and everytime he did so, the king grew filled with quiet dread. On the morning of Typhon's fourth and final departure, Osiris was found ill and near death, pale and bloodless on his bedchamber floor. They later discovered that he had been embraced as one of the kindred.