Twilight Rebellion is an expansion set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, published by White Wolf in 2008, that focuses on the Anarchs. All 60 cards in this set are new cards, with no reprints from earlier sets. Unlike most other expansion sets (including Anarchs, the previous set to share this set's focus), there were no preconstructed decks or starter decks for this set, only booster packs.

Card listEdit

A: Anarch Convert; An Anarch Manifesto; Andy; Anonymous Freight; Antoine, The Lost
B: Baseball Blade; Blade Clot; Blood Turnip
C: Calvin Cleaver; Chameleon; Clifton Derrik; Club Illusion; Constant Revolution; CrimethInc.; Crypt's Sons
D: Detect Authority; Dirk
E: Elixir of Distillation; Exclusion Principle
F: Failsafe; Final Loosening; The Framing
G: Garibaldi-Meucci Museum; Grey Thorne
H: Haven Hunting; Hell-for-Leather
I: none
J: Jack Drake; Jacob Fermor; Juniper
K: Keystone Kine
L: Laecanus; Lam Into; Libertas; Lin Jun; Louis Fortier
M: Marguerite Foccart; Monkey Wrench
N: No Confidence
O: Open War
P: Patsy; Piper; Poacher's Hunting Ground; Power of All; Power of One; Preston Varrick; Reverend Adams (Advanced)
Q: None
R: Revolutionary Council
S: Sean Rycek; Shattering; Shoulder Drop; Smear Campaign; Stealing Years; Steely Tenacity
T: T.J.; Tarautas; Toby; Topaz; Twilight Camp
U-V: none
W: The World's a Canvas
X-Y:: none
Z: Zip Line


Peter Bergting, Tom Biondillo, John Bridges, Eric Deschamps, Matt Dixon, Becky Jollensten, Leif Jones, Heather Kreiter, Brian LeBlanc, Vince Locke, Ken Meyer, Jr., Efrem Palacios, Jim Pavelec, Lawrence Snelly, Andrew Trabbold

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