The Twilight Order (official title Order of the True Knights of the Setting Sun) was an institution of followers of the Via Humanitatis in the Dark Ages that hunted Wights.


The Twilight Order mainly recruits itself from former soldiers, foresters and knights, but was open to all Cainites who followed the Via Humanitatis. Initiation was held with recitations from the Book of Nod, incense and a ritual ingestion of blood, culminating in a branding with the symbol of the order.

Since the task of tracking down Wights is dangerous, the Twilight Order constantly traveled across the lands in order to search for their prey. In addition to merely hunting them, the scholars of the Order compiled a list of genealogies of vampires that were found in Wassail, to learn which bloodlines were most vulnerable to it and what vampires had to be monitored, lest they would fall to the Beast.


  • The heraldry of the Twilight Order is a simple shield encompassing a setting sun surmounted by two crossed swords.


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