The Twilight Network is a means of communication between Krewes, individual Sin-Eaters and allows them to hand down their experiences to another generation.


Because Sin-Eaters are too rare to have a stratified overarching social organization like the Covenants of the Kindred or the Orders of the mages, each Sin-Eater starts with what little knowledge he can pierce together from his Geist and the worldview provided by his krewe. In the 18th century, the first information sharing network was started in Germany, originally consisting of a code of chalk crucifixes on tombstones to inform other Sin-Eaters if the respective ghost was malevolent, passive or benevolent. Sin-Eaters speculate about even earlier forms of information exchange, but have no definite proofs.

The Network expanded across Europe and into the colonies, with a standardization known as the "Gravedigger's Cant", which incorporated floriography and the growing newspapers. In the 19th century, the first Sin-Eaters came together to substantively strengthen the network, calling themselves Charonites. Under the guidance of the Charonites, the Network evolved from a simple message system to an interconnected community. The radio, the internet and the smartphone finally allowed for a global network which is constantly updated.


At its base, the Twilight Network is part newsletter, part secret code and part message service. While the global avenues are now there, most Sin-Eaters prefer the local approach, using codes on graveyards to let others know they were there.

All messages sent in the Twilight Network are concealed in a way related to death. Obituaries in newspapers, a scholarly website about death cults in South America, an advertisement for a coffin-maker or flyers advertising a band called the Fourth Horseman are all methods that have been used. In most cases, this depends on local customs.

Geists that have once made the Bargain with a Sin-Eater often retain knowledge of the old codes and allow a newly created Bound to understand the codes used within the Network.


The modern Network is used for everything from announcements of gatherings to requests for help in dealing with particularly recalcitrant shades to simple announcements of good news. The Charonites leave hints and riddles like a trail of breadcrumbs, following the trail leads an inexperienced Sin-Eater to a mentor or, at the very least, an on-line “primer” of sorts on the nature and the history of the Bound. Some krewes share burial rites via the Network for other krewes to use.


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