Doctor Tucker Jenkins is a Bishopsgate staff member involved in the cases of Regine Butler, Bryan Teesdale, and John Heron.


…and we know — I know — that we are the last people, and that It has allowed us, allowed me to see what it has wrought. It knows we are here and It has always known, because this is Its home, this ground beneath my feet.
  — Doctor Jenkins, dream journal entry dating from 2008

An unsuperstitious man, Jenkins, based on the case files he has written, seems to be a man highly knowledgeable about the facets of human psychology — in other words, a competent man in his field. At times, however, his curiosity can get the better of him, drawing him into realms of investigation that are either unethical (for example, feeding Bryan Teesdale deliberately false information to see if he would pretend he knew that false information) or dangerous (his interest in investigating Windy Ridge, a place that either is dangerous by way of a hostile environment or by way of a sentient, hostile environment).

The Empty Room Dream

Case files aside, Jenkins recorded having a dream of the world outside Bishopsgate as an apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by some thing watching for any survivors. Information online, when Jenkins went searching, all praised the new "Master of the World", while religious websites were defaced and atheistic or humanist sites were gone entirely. The entity, depicted as a green and black and yellow eye, then stared through the computer screen at which the doctor was looking, making to act against him and his three companions.


Of particular interest is that Jenkins described the being as living beneath the ground of the East Wing, where an ancient evil is, in fact, noted to exist. Given the dream's focus on religion, it is possible that this implies that Inothiel the Herald is that evil, and that he escaped from his prison somehow.

Additionally, assuming that his dream is correct — and given the odd prescience of the dream as regards the supernatural elements of Bishopsgate, it seems to be — Jenkins's failures to act on something will be the catalyst for that escape, given that in the dream, he had the gut instinct that "this happened to the world because of something I failed to do".


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