The Tu Shen are a Hsien society of sybarites seeking to bring about the Age of Joy.

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While regarded by most other shinma as sybarites, the Gods of Harmony, or Ambassadors of Heaven, have the same goals as the Xian Mo... just very different ways of getting there. They seek to bring about the Age of Joy by convincing everyone to have a good time. Rapture, exultation, and not mere physical ecstasy is their goal. They understand that a good dinner with family and friends is more satisfying and sustaining a joy than a handful of pills. The Gods of Harmony act on their beliefs by doing good deeds, trying to get different courts of shen to work together or at least talk. They walk, and occasionally party, just like they talk.

The Ambassadors of Heaven are looked askance upon by the Li Shen and their relations are strained with the as well. Most of the others at least enjoy their company. The Tu Shen, for their part, say they have good relations with all groups.

References Edit

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