Tryphosa is an ancient Malkavian oracle with a penchant for prophecies, who acted as advisor to the Cainite Prince of Rome during the classical period. Later she took part in the Great Prank.


Tryphosa believed that her place as an undead would enable her to affect the visions of the future she witnessed, an opinion that disagreed with that of her childe Rodolfo, and eventually drove a rift between them. She acted as an adviser for Camilla of Rome, counseling him to march against the Brujah of Carthage, and join forces with the Ventrue Lysander and the Toreador Adanaya in order to eradicate every last trace of demonic influence in the city.

After the Convention of Thorns, she was one of the six methuselahs that took part in the Great Prank, an event that cut off Dementation discipline from those Malkavians that had allied themselves with the Camarilla. Her fate was unknown, but her childe, now a Malkavian antitribu, suspects that she and her allies had something to do with the destruction of the Ravnos Antediluvian during the events of the Week of Nightmares.

V20 Timeline

Actually, Tryphosa had fallen into torpor in the Czech city of Domažlice, where she stirred in 2011, only to be destroyed by the entire order of the Akritai, albeit with heavy losses. The monks found an exemplar of the Book of Nod in her haven, as well as a collection of her own prophecies labelled the Apostate Auguries.[1]



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