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The True Horizon, also called Subspace by the Technocracy and Etherspace by the Sons of Ether, is a vast expanse of the Umbra located between the Near Umbra and Far Umbra. To Sleepers, it manifests as the space between the Sun and the asteroid belt. Within it are several Horizon Realms, as well as four Shard Realms, which manifest as the Sun and inner planets.

Shard Realms

  • The Sun
    • Its spiritual reflection is the Celestine Helios
    • The Sun may be reflected in a Shade Realm, but if it exists it has not yet been discovered
  • The Moon
    • Its spiritual reflection is the Celestine Luna
    • Some believe that Arcadia is the Shade Realm of Luna. Others posit that the Earth and Moon together form the Shade Realm of Prime, which is the reality of humanity. Still others claim that the Moon has no Shade Realm at all. There is little agreement among mages, much less between Traditions
    • Victoria Station and Darkside Moon Base are located here

There have been numerous debates and arguments over whether Earth is a Shard Realm itself, or instead the center of a deeper reality.

Known Horizon Realms