While Trolls are known to use many weapons, usually effectively, there are some Trollish Weapons that are more often used.


Due to both their huge size and strength, trolls are able to make use of immense weapons that would be beyond the realm of possibility for other fae. As a reflection of the might and stature of trolls, these weapons, too, are both larger and heavier than any most changelings, humans, or Prodigals could even consider using.


Basically a trollish adaptation of the European two-handed sword, the troll Greatsword is a truly gargantuan weapon. The blade is at least six feet in length and a foot wide, made of the strongest steel imaginable. The pommel is quite large and heavy and can easily accommodate two trollish hands. Wielders with Strength below 5 cannot even think of using it effectively, and characters under six foot in height can do little more than thrust with the point.

Northern Axe

Northern Axe.png

The Northern Axe is favored by trolls of Nordic descent and is reminiscent of the Viking axe in construction. The major distinction is the sheer size and weight; it would easily be a two handed weapon in the hands of a weaker warrior. Some of these axes have been modified to include a sharp point on the rear of the axe head, along the lines of a Frankish axe. In the hands of a troll, this is a one-handed weapon.

  • Difficulty: 6
  • Damage: Strength + 5
  • Concealability: Trenchcoat or full cloak

Hill Axe

A large, double-headed axe, the Hill Axe is greatly favored by Unseelie trolls for the sheer devastation it is capable of inflicting. Though it requires two hands to wield and is more difficult than most other weapons to master, many consider the damage potential an even trade. Each of these weapons comes to chest height on its wielder, and the double heads are nearly as wide as their chest. Because of its unwieldy nature, the hill axe is impractical in terrain with difficult footing or wear a free hand might be necessary. This was the favored weapon of the legendary troll Moira the Mountain.

  • Difficulty: 8
  • Damage: Strength + 8
  • Concealability: Yeah, right.


The Maul is nothing more than a very large, long-hafted hammer crafted to fit troll dimensions. By far the heaviest of all standard trollish weapons, the maul has been known to literally flatten weaker opponents.

  • Difficulty: 7
  • Damage: Strength + 7
  • Concealability: Not likely.


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