The Troll Reclamation Proclamation, also called the Troll Assimilation Proclamation, is a troubling bit of legislation in the Parliament of Dreams.

Overview Edit

The largest political danger to all trolls and troll representation is this collection of orders and initiatives in the Parliament of Dreams. Within the legalistic and formal language of these documents is an insidious plan that calls on the guardians of the freeholds to return their charges to those for whom they have been safeguarding them, notably the sidhe. Should this series of bills pass the Parliament, it will drastically reduce the trolls' legislative voice. Already there is much support from a growing collection of conservatives and opportunists, though passage is by no means given. The fact that it has come so far, though, is a clarion call to all trolls that danger comes in many forms and the post-Accordance War peace is still far from assured.

References Edit

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