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Troilus Cressida is a member of Tzimisce clan. He is a fearless Sabbat vampire, and the ductus of the Golgotha's Nails pack.


Let me say, at first, that I resent this task. I have better things to do than play encyclopedia to senile corpses. Many things have happened while you were asleep, ancient one – our kind has associated itself with the Lasombra against the servants of Caine’s grandchilder, and the Old World is no longer our home. Clan means less than a family surname in these times – even the Caitiff are new a clan. With Cainites from every line, even a few of those licentious Tremere until a few years ago, we maintain a league of Cainites called the Sabbat. I regret that I consumed the soul of my sire. Only because I am your descendent of the fullest Blood does this chore fall to me.
  —  Troilus Cressida
In the fulfillment of your Blooded duties to me, you have denied this youngest generation their due. You wrote of them with such contempt. I have moved among them and witnessed their ways. They are hardly the “Mongols” you describe. I have met doctors and men of science, a pack priestess who spoke until the Sabbat’s cause sang through my veins — though I am one this jealous generation would destroy, had I revealed my age. Even your Ezra has impressed me. Its craft would make the Black-Churchers jealous. But such is the extent of my generosity with others. I shall be far less generous with you. You treated me contemptibly as well and wrote in such familiar tones. Do you think this is my first time to awaken from a long sleep? For this shabby treatment, I keep your childe. Next time, I will feed you to it piece by piece. Those who suffer undeath after my Blood should treat me well.
  —  The Methuselah

Troilus was a reclusive metamorphosist whose many mouths made him unpleasant to mortal eyes. As he has diablerised his own sire, Troilus was tasked by the Sabbat leadership to help his ancient grandsire to catch up with the modern nights. The methuselah had just woken up from a 700-year-old torpor and needed assistance to learn english and spanish languages, as well as to learn about the scientific novelties that took place since the last time he was awake.

To that end, Troilus sent his own childe, Ezra, to serve as a communication link between the two. Through letters, Troilus showed great contempt for the younger generations, and treated his ancestor contemptibly as well - speaking to him in familiar tones, to the methuselah's great displeasure. His ancestor sent him many advices through their correspondence, however, he vowed to test Troilus himself to see if he was truly worthy of his Blood.


Troilus and Cressida is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, based on medieval tale.