The Triumph Casque of Sorrows is a legendary Treasure of the Fomorians.


Triumph Casque of Sorrows.png

The Casque was a weapon of legendary destructive potential. It was used by the Fomorians during the War of Trees. It was wielded by the Red King, until he was betrayed by the Lords of the Mound, ancient cousins of the Trolls, who were extinguished for their betrayal.

Even unopened, the Casque possessed enormous power, raining fire and poison down on those who would oppose its bearer. It is said that there are no defenses against the Casque once it is opened.

The fragments of the Key to the Casque lie in the Far Dreaming, in the territory of the Red Court. The Red King, baleful over his defeat in the war, broke the key into nine pieces and scattered them in the camps of his enemies. Soon, strife erupted among the Kithain and Chimera alike, resulting in a constant battle that still rages on.

In Time of Judgement, the Casque is one of the artifacts searched for by the Fomorians and the Kithain to decide if the Endless Winter will commence.


Encased in lead since the earliest times, this legendary treasure has never been used in the memory of any living creature, chimera or fae. According to the White Fomorians, the Triumph Casque is a "weapon against which defense is impossible," enabling whoever possesses it to eradicate anyone and anything without fear of reprisal or failure. It is believed that the Casque operates through principles common to both fire and poison, eradicating whatever it is opened to destroy in a singularly painful fashion.


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