Trisha, born as Patricia Black, is a notable crew member aboard the ghost ship Mary Anne.


Patricia Black was born to a good, middle class home. Like all good, middle class girls, she rebelled. Her chosen form of defiance was involvement in environmental protests. Her parents dismissed it as standard teenage rebellion and were sure she’d grow out of it. They never got the chance to fi nd out. Trisha died under the wheels of an overly-enthusiastic bulldozer during a demonstration against the construction of a by-pass.

She was reaped by a relatively kindly Reaper, who explained the workings of the Hierarchy. She thought about it for about two minutes, than decided that it had to go and hooked up with a Renegade group in short order. She threw herself into their subversive activities with far more enthusiasm than knowledge.

Precisely six weeks later she found herself convicted of a flagrant breach of the Dictum Mortuum and manacled in the hold of a ship bound for Stygia. The moment she was locked in a dark hold with two hundred other souls, many of whom were sobbing uncontrollably, she started to grow up.

When the ship was captured by the Mary Anne, she jumped at the chance to join the crew. She has come to suspect that Peter has lost his enthusiasm for the cause she embraces so wholeheartedly. She has thought of broaching the subject with the rest of the crew, but has yet to find the courage.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Trisha is a plain, stocky girl in her late teens. Her left nostril is pierced and her mousy hair is cut short and is in constant disarray. She wears combat trousers and a shapeless, sleeveless vest.

Trisha bursts with enthusiasm 90% of the time. The other 10% sees her slip into a melancholy that can last for days. She’s showing distinct signs of growing up, and her temperament becomes more stable the more she sees of the Shadowlands.


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