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The core rulebook for the Trinity game line.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Book One: Setting

The Honored Dead

0.0 Overview

1.0 Æon Trinity Profile

2.0 Psi

3.0 Psi Orders

4.0 Aberrants

5.0 History

6.0 22nd-Century Earth

7.0 Space

8.0 Aliens

Book Two: Rules


Chapter One: Systems

Chapter Two: Character

Chapter Three: Traits

Chapter Four: Aptitudes

Chapter Five: Drama

Chapter Six: Technology

Chapter Seven: Storytelling


Background Information

  • This book (and the game line in general) was initially published under the name ÆON, but a lawsuit was threatened by MTV, who claimed that a science fiction setting called ÆON was confusingly similar to their Æon Flux property. White Wolf disagreed, but changed the name regardless. They distributed new "Trinity" stickers to retailers to cover up the ÆON logo, and rolled out a "Rhymes with crayon" advertising campaign to attempt to minimize the damage the name change caused.
  • This was the first limited edition rulebook White Wolf printed. The next would be the Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition rulebook.
  • One of the oft-repeated reasons fans quote for the failure of the Trinity game line is "poor marketing." In truth, ÆON was advertised in many different popular science fiction magazines.
  • The final page of the book is an advertisement for the Aberrant: Aberrant Rulebook Buy it from DriveThruRPG! , to be released in 1999. The word "sacrifice" can be seen faintly superimposed what would become the scribbled inner portion of the Aberrant logo. At the time, many fans assumed this would be some sort of Aberrant sourcebook for the Trinity game line, rather than a separate game in the same universe.

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