The core rulebook for the Trinity game line.


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Book One: SettingEdit

The Honored Dead Edit

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2.0 Psi Edit

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4.0 Aberrants Edit

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6.0 22nd-Century Earth Edit

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Book Two: Rules Edit

Introduction Edit

Chapter One: Systems Edit

Chapter Two: Character Edit

Chapter Three: Traits Edit

Chapter Four: Aptitudes Edit

Chapter Five: Drama Edit

Chapter Six: Technology Edit

Chapter Seven: Storytelling Edit

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Background InformationEdit

  • Due to the last-minute changeover from the name Æon, several instances of "Æon Trinity" within the book have been accidentally changed to "Trinity Trinity."
  • The final page of the book is an advertisement for the Aberrant: Aberrant Rulebook Bullet-pdf , to be released in 1999. The word "sacrifice" can be seen faintly superimposed what would become the scribbled inner portion of the Aberrant logo. At the time, many fans assumed this would be some sort of Aberrant sourcebook for the Trinity game line, rather than a separate game in the same universe.

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