Chosen of the Sun is a novel for Exalted First Edition.

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The Darkest House Approaches
Eliezer Wren is a simple man who wants to be a simple priest. But stealing the Prince of Shadows' plunder and ambushing one of his most trusted servants is not the best way to go about ensuring a simple life - or a long and health one. Now Wren is on the run the run from the Prince's hunters, both living and dead, and caught in a web of betrayal from his past.
Yushuv is a boy who wanted nothing more than to grow into being a man in his own time, and to scour the ancient catacombs near his village for forgotten treasure to sell. But when an ancient evil sets his home to the sword, Yushuv is forced to discover the catacombs' darkest secret - and to take the first steps on the road to his ultimate destiny.
For in this time of strife, even the heavens hide their secrets, and a divination gone wrong sets in motion a series of events that threaten to rock the very foundations of the Realm. The fate of priests, spirits, soldiers and the Solar Exalted themselves are bound up together, and only the actions of the unlikeliest of heroes can determine what the future holds - or if there will be any future at all.
The Trilogy of the Second Age is the first fiction set in the Age of Sorrows, exploring the world of Exalted. The series continues with Beloved of the Dead and reaches its monumental conclusion with Children of the Dragon.


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