Trilogy of the Blood Curse: The Winnowing is a fiction novel for Vampire: The Masquerade


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A Secret Society Crumbles
The Blood Curse means hunger, madness and Final Death. As surviving vampires flock to fanatics who warn of the Endtime, warfare and chaos reign among the undead. The Camarilla has lost control. The Sabbat cannot command its own. Princes and bishops press for more power to combat the mysterious affliction. Owain, Ventrue elder and secret Sabbat spy, struggles to hold the curse's madness at bay. Visions hound him day and night. Drawn in by the machinations of ancient powers, he must choose between his masters if he hopes to survive.
Secret Connections
THE WINNOWING is the second novel of the Trilogy of the Blood Curse, and the fourth book in connected Vampire trilogies, following TO SIFT THROUGH BITTER ASHES, TO SPEAK IN LIFELESS TONGUES (Books One and Two of The Grails Covenant) and THE DEVILS ADVOCATE (Book One of this trilogy).

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