Tribebook: Wendigo is the revised version of the old Wendigo Tribebook.


Hearts of Ice
Their anger is not hot, but cold as the frozen North. They have endured pain enough to kill a thousand nations, but they refuse to die. They are the chosen of the cannibal spirit, the tribe of winter, the last of the Pure Ones. They are the Wendigo, and woe to anyone who crosses these warriors' path.

The Wolves of Winter
The Revised Tribebook series closes not with a whimper, but with a roar, with Tribebook: Wendigo. Inside are tales of the heroic past of the children of Wendigo, details on their tribal customs and laws, and rules for their potent Gifts of ice and war. Will the fiercest tribe be the last hope of the Garou, or will the Wendigo fall prey to their own hatred and Rage? Don't miss this one!

Legends of the Garou: Killing WinterEdit

Chapter One: Looking Back from the End Times (History)Edit

Chapter Two: Beating the Drum (Society)Edit

Chapter Three: Guardians of the Pure Lands (Character Creation)Edit

Chapter Four: Winter's Teeth (Some of the Wendigo)Edit

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