Tribebook: Shadow Lords is the Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised Edition version of the original Shadow Lords Tribebook.


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The Gathering Storm
For countless centuries, they have endured the rule of weaker Garou. They have sacrificed their own honor to further the goals of the Garou Nation, and received nothing but scorn in return. They have fought battles nobody else was willing to fight, and made allies that nobody else would approach. Now they are ready to come into their own. The balance of power is about to shift.
Blessed by the Night Sky
The revised Tribebook series now comes to the dark horse of the Garou Nation with Tribebook: Shadow Lords. Explore the hidden paths of power within Grandfather Thunder's tribe, and learn the secrets that drove them down their dark road. Just be careful; there's nothing your fellow Lords dislike more than someone who can't keep a secret.


Legends of the Garou: The Gathering StormEdit

Chapter One: The Winds of HistoryEdit

The history of the Shadow Lords from the beginnings to the Final Nights.

Chapter Two: The Hurricane's EyeEdit

The society of the Shadow Lords, their views on outsiders and their internal hierarchy.

Chapter Three: Thunder's BlessingEdit

Details about character creation, along with totems, gifts, and fetishes.

Chapter Four: Grandfather's ChosenEdit

Character templates and noteworthy members of the tribe are presented.

Background InformationEdit

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Grandfather Thunder, Sept of the Night Sky

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