Tribebook: Red Talons is the revised version of the old Red Talons Tribebook.


Bloody Claws of Vengeance
There are monsters in the wilderness, monsters that want the entire human race scourged from the face of the Earth. These creatures have been counting humanity's sins against Nature since the beginning of civilization, and they are ready to exact bloody revenge. Unfortunately for humanity, they have what seems to be divine sanction to invoke their wrath. They are the Red Talons.

The Wrath of Nature
The latest in the Tribebook series, Tribebook: Red Talons explores the most feral of werewolves, a tribe born entirely from wolves. Inside, players and Storytellers will find the latest advancements in the Talons' war on humanity, their greatest weapons and heroes, and, just perhaps, the chance for the tribe's redemption.

Legends of the Garou: Culling the HerdEdit

Chapter One: Blood (History)Edit

Chapter Two: Flesh (Society)Edit

Chapter Three: Bones (Character Creation)Edit

Chapter Four: Spirit (Templates & Legends)Edit

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Impergium, Kucha Ekundu, Sept of the First Rage

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