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Tribebook: Black Furies is the revised Tribebook for the Black Furies in Werewolf: The Apocalypse.


From the White Wolf Catalogue:

My Sister's Keeper
Since the dawn of civilization, the Black Furies have been a tightly-knit sisterhood, united by bonds of blood, spirituality and conviction. They are the guardians of the Wyld, the champions of women, the wrath of Gaia. They consistently produce some of the greatest warriors and wisest mystics known to the Garou Nation. But as the Final Days draw to a close, the Furies find themselves beset on all sides and, worse, fractured by strife from within. Will this proud sisterhood be able to endure the challenges facing them?
Skating the Weaver's Webs
Finally, the Tribebook series comes full circle and into full Revised Edition focus. Tribebook: Black Furies contains more than twice as much information as the original - expanded history, current events, social conventions, hidden traditions, plenty of new Gifts, rites, fetishes and other rules, hints of things to come, and even more. Even if you think you know the Black Furies, look twice; there's much more to these wild werewolves than most imagine.

Legends of the Garou: Unity in Alterity

Chapter One: Avenging Claws

The history of the Black Furies told to a young cub of the Tribe, stretching from the Tribe's origin in Greece into the Final Nights.

Chapter Two: Pegasus' Flight

The internal structure of the Tribe, including their views on Auspice, Breed gender roles and internal camps.

Chapter Three: From Maiden to Crone

Advice on how to build a Black Fury character, including Gifts and Fetishes.

Chapter Four: Sisters, Mothers and Grandmothers

Character templates for storyteller use, as well as a selected list of prominent Black Furies.

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Sept of the Northwest Passage, Sept of the Badlands

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