The Tribe Novel Saga is a seven-volume series of novels set in the world of Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Released by White Wolf from 2001-2002 and inspired by Vampire: The Masquerade's Clan Novel Saga, each volume in the series consisted of two novellas that focused on an individual tribe of the Garou. Unlike the Clan Novel Saga, each novel takes place in roughly sequential order; the same is true of the Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga that followed shortly afterwards.


Each individual tribe's story (that is, one-half of each volume) was written by one author, and the authors are listed in the order of their stories in each volume rather than in alphabetical order. The exception is Tribe Novel: Bone Gnawers, which was co-written by Bill Bridges and Justin Achilli; Bridges also wrote Tribe Novel: Stargazers in the same volume.

  1. WTA: Tribe Novels: Shadow Lords & Get of Fenris by Gherbod Fleming and Eric Griffin
  2. WTA: Tribe Novels: Silent Striders & Black Furies Bullet-fiction by Carl Bowen and Gherbod Fleming
  3. WTA: Tribe Novels: Red Talons & Fianna Bullet-fiction by Philippe Boulle and Eric Griffin
  4. WTA: Tribe Novels: Bone Gnawers & Stargazers Bullet-fiction by Bill Bridges with Justin Achilli
  5. WTA: Tribe Novels: Children of Gaia & Uktena Bullet-fiction by Richard Lee Byers and Stefan Petrucha
  6. WTA: Tribe Novels: Silver Fangs & Glass Walkers Bullet-fiction by Carl Bowen and Tim Dedopulos
  7. WTA: Tribe Novels: Black Spiral Dancers & Wendigo Bullet-fiction by Eric Griffin & Bill Bridges
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