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Triatic Wyrm is a term used to describe the joint manifestation of the unholy trinity of the Wyrm. The three heads known as the Wyrm of Calamity, the Wyrm of Consumption, and the Wyrm of Corruption.


When the Wyrm lost all sense of balance in the cosmos, it shattered into its own trinity: the Triatic Wyrm. The name refers to the three most powerful heads of this hydra, the first transformation it endured in the madness that followed its imprisonment. This hydra is a mockery of the Triat, a perversion of the cosmos. Tormented and insane, the Wyrm repeatedly reenacts and relives events in its myriad minds, desperately trying to figure out what went wrong with the cosmos. Fortunately for all of creation, each of the three Triatic Wyrms enacts its own purpose and plots, directing a separate army of Urges and minions. If the three ever reformed as one, it’s possible the Wyrm might possess the hideous strength it needs to swallow Gaia whole. Instead, each head of the hydra has its own identity and perverse motivations.

  • Beast-of-War, the Wyrm of Calamity, a monster of senseless rage, ready to destroy all in its path. It is said by some that frenzy and Rage are this Wyrm's blessings. This Triatic Wyrm is analogous to the Wyld's love of chaos, but here it is a chaos achieved via destructive terror.
  • Eater-of-Souls, the Wyrm of Consumption, paragon of the gnawing hunger of greed, lust, and gluttony. Vampires are said to be under the sway of Eater-of-Souls. Eater nearly manifested in North America, but was banished by the sacrifice of an entire tribe of Garou. This Triatic Wyrm is analogous to the Weaver's desire to unify, but the method here is unification via consumption and digestion.
  • Defiler Wyrm, the Wyrm of Corruption, a scheming entity of corruption and decay. Most Pentex operations are likely under the sway of the Defiler Wyrm. This Triatic Wyrm is analogous to the original Wyrm's purgative function, but here it is being restricted to only being able to eat away at the intangible from the inside.

Even its base desires are powerful enough to take on forms of their own, becoming the powerful Urge Wyrms of Hate, Lust, Fear and other dread sentiments, as well as the Elemental Wyrms who represent perversions of the classical elements. With so many heads, the Wyrm is more Hydra than serpent - and each head is all but impossible to sever.