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Trianoma was the partner of Bonisagus and the driving force behind the formation of the Order of Hermes.


Trianoma first met Bonisagus in 731 after experiencing a vision foretelling the death of Hermetic magic. She sought him out because she had heard of the parma magica, a shield that could protect mages from magical attack. Bonisagus had perfected the technique, but Trianoma persuaded him to share it, and thus enable Hermetic masters to meet with one another without fear. With her superlative diplomatic skills, Trianoma persuaded Hermetics of many lands and lineages to cooperate; over the course of three decades her patience and Bonisagus' teaching culminated in the Pax Hermetica of 767 and the formal foundation of the Order.

Trianoma did not establish her own House in the Order, and when she is credited at all it is as Bonisagus' junior partner rather than an equal. Supposedly this was intentional, as she did not want the Order to be identified as her personal project. She remained an influential member of the order, however.