The Trial of Shadows is a special ritual of House Scathach.

Overview Edit

Scathach who attain the seventh level of Mastery, Khwaja dirigens, undergo a rite known as the Trial of Shadows and automatically exhibit the Merit Phantom Fate, if they survive. The details of the rite are highly secret.

Phantom Fate Merit Edit

Fate's tapestry records the life and destiny of every living being. Most lives are stitched in bright and vivid threads, easy for Fate's disciples to watch and record. Others, however, are recorded in threads invisible to all but the most discerning eye. Because House Scathach has taken up a contrarian relationship to Fate's design, some have become truly adept at camouflaging their patterns. Such "ciphers" are all but invisible to the Level 1 Soothsay cantrip Omen (the only way to track such a character is by deciphering the "ripples" they cause when they interact with others). Furthermore, all other Soothsay cantrips are at +3 difficulty when cast against them, though this additional difficulty pertains to beneficial and detrimental effects alike. The character is just as likely to deflect blessings as curses and may not purchase any Merits or Flaws pertaining to luck.

This merit is not exclusive to House Scathach (indeed, even some humans may unwittingly be ciphers) but is quite rare elsewhere. The cost is +2 freebie points for all other fae. Moirae may not purchase this Merit and are particularly antipathetic towards those so endowed.

References Edit

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