Trey Fischer had been around vampires all his life — he just didn't know it until it was too late. His father worked at one of the Prince of Chicago's companies and eventually became a ghoul. Unwilling to cope with what her husband was turning into, Trey's mother left, taking only his sister. In his late teenage years — by which time he'd adopted the Loki moniker — his girlfriend vanished, and he later saw her among some rough types who turned out to be unbound vampires. Cruelly, one of that gang of vampires turned Loki, too, but such spitefulness didn't endear him to the independent cause. He threw in early with the dominant power structure for revenge. He had his revenge, but he couldn't quite bring himself to destroy his erstwhile girlfriend, and she's still out there.  Since getting involved with the hierarchy of vampiric power, Loki doesn't see eye to eye with it frequently. He associates with the most holistic of the prevalent covenants, the Circle of the Crone, which allows him to blend personal philosophy with the occult origin of the undead. Nevertheless, he understands that the prevailing power structure is his best bet, especially as he's made a bit of a name for himself leading a successful coterie of enforcers against vampires who would jeopardize the Traditions and risk unlife for all the undead.

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