Transylvania Chronicles III: Ill Omens is the third book in the four-volume, century-spanning Transylvania Chronicles saga that links the Dark Medieval of Vampire: The Dark Ages to the modern nights of Vampire: The Masquerade.


From the White Wolf Catalog:

An Epic of Tumult
Dracula stalks the night, Kupala rages beneath the cursed land of Transylvania and Paris burns in revolution. The characters - princes, rebels and everything in between - find themselves amid the flames and besieged by friend and foe alike. Can they survive the terrors of both the supernatural world and the kine? Or will they become so much ash on the wind?
The Long Night is Over
Transylvania Chronicles III: Ill Omens continues the chronicle begun in Dark Tides Rising. The players' characters, elders of the Camarilla, Sabbat or independent clans face opposition from all sides - Dracula, rival sects and even the citoyens of the burgeoning French Revolution. The signs of Gehenna continue to appear. Only the stalwart can stand against them, and only the most vile hurry them along.
Ill Omens Includes:
  • The continuation of the Transylvania Chronicles
  • Events from the French Revolution and the Giovanni purge of the Cappadocians
  • Down time and maturation systems for long-term play



Chapter One: From Medieval Glory to Enlightened DarknessEdit

Chapter Two: Twilight of the GraverobberEdit

The last Cappadocian asks the character's help against the Giovanni's hunt.

Chapter Three: Enter the DragonEdit

Dracula asks the characters to get back his sword.

Chapter Four: The Blood of TyrantsEdit

The characters assist to the French Revolution.

Chapter Five: CharactersEdit

Chapter Six: Storytelling the Chronicle of AgesEdit

Appendix: Knowledge of the AgesEdit

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