Name: Transhuman Engineer
Nicknames: Prime Movers
Path: Obrimos
Order: any
Arcana: Forces

The Transhuman Engineers are a Legacy that wants to usher humanity towards the technological singularity so that they may become post-human and reach the ultimate extrapolation of the Fallen World.


The mages of the Transhuman Engineers believe wholeheartedly in the ever-accelerating growth of technology. They see the entire depth and breadth of history as a slowly gathering storm of possibility. The Fallen World has taken its time building steam to this level of raw potential, but that is how it should be. If a child accepts an allowance raise of a single cent that doubles every week, he doesn't see any significant growth for what feels like forever. But, as the weeks go on, he finds that, suddenly, his allowance skyrockets, and his meager piggy bank can no longer hold the sudden rise in his childhood income. In a year, this doubling allowance would bankrupt the planet. This world has taken a long time to get to here, inching forward step by step in its crawl toward development. But this is now the point at which progress is only just beginning. With technology advancing in this way, the mages of this Legacy believe humanity will soon reach a point of Singularity.

In mathematics, a singularity is a point at which calculation breaks down. A curve leaps to infinity. Technological singularity is the same, except here humankind's progress will grow to a point that nothing can stay the same and everything must change. Artificial intelligence surpasses our own. Lifespans stretch forever outward, granting everyone equal eternities. Flesh and machine merge. In this scenario, humans are no longer human, but post-human. This is the goal of the Engineers and this is what they strive to achieve for humanity.