Trajan is an influential Nosferatu methuselah, native to the ancient city of Rome.


Trajan tried to establish his own realm beneath the ancient city of Rome, but his dreams were shattered by local Ventrue. He blames the Malkavian Antoine Le Fanu for his downfall, and the two vampires are bitter rivals.

He went on a self-induced torpor until the 12th century. Upon waking, he realized that his plans had failed because he had lacked information on his enemies. Subsequently he wove an intricate net of spies, contacts, and informants which he called "the Net".

He followed the activities of his Malkavian rival to New England and gained powerful allies there as well through the presence of his childe, Stanford Warwick. The old Net has been connected to the SchreckNet and is one of the most important sources of information to clan Nosferatu.


The Roman cognomen Trajan (an anglicized form of Traianus) is mostly associated with Trajan, Emperor of Rome from 97 to 117. The Nosferatu Trajan, though an ancient Roman, is unrelated to the real world emperor or related figures.


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