Trail Dust is a level 2 Treasure of the Eshu.

Overview Edit

A useful treasure, Trail Dust always comes in a small, weathered-looking leather pouch adorned with an ancient symbol meaning "trail." Inside is a small quantity of dirt or sand appropriate to the are the Elegbara is traveling in. When activated with a point of Glamour and sprinkled across the owner's bare feet, he or she immediately gains a detailed geographic map and directional knowledge of the surrounding area roughly the same as a native twice their age would know: Names and numbers of buildings, nearest police station, restaurants, or best streets to avoid traffic in the city, or in rural areas: rocks, trees, paths, overgrown trails, hidden pools, etc...

The dust heightens direction sense for a short time allowing them to pin-point specific routes instead of relying on their vague, normal sense of direction. All information gained is locational or directional in nature. You don't learn who lives in the houses or which restaurant has the best food or if the tree in the glen is really the Anchor for a Kubera.

The dust can only be used once a day with effects lasting 4 hours over an area with a roughly 5 mile radius centered on the user. Seven uses empties the bag and the owner must recharge it by spending at least an hour gathering fresh dirt or sand and praying to the orishas and then must sleep with it under their pillow for a full week.

Trail Dust has no effect in the Dreaming though there are rumors of pouches of silver dust that would do so. Only Eshu (and Oba who have not yet claimed a territory) can use this treasure. For all other fae, including Aithu, is is just dust.

References Edit

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