Among the Trolls, Traditionalists are those who believe the traditional story of Sidhe supremacy.

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The sidhe assert that the Tuatha de Danaan created all fae, and created the sidhe first and foremost. Furthermore, they claim that they alone were created to rule and that to accept anything less would go against their birthright. Trolls that follow the Traditionalist belief basically agree with the sidhe. Basically

Traditional trolls, both Seelie and Unseelie, are firm believers that all fae should know their place and act accordingly. This does not mean that they meekly accept all that the sidhe do or say. The sidhe, too, have a responsibility to all others and must act accordingly. Though these traditionalists have no desire to rule, they have few qualms about removing a noble from power and replacing them with another who will act according to the accepted standards.

Though it would seem that this perspective would be welcomed by the sidhe, it is not without its drawbacks. Should anything go wrong in a kingdom, troll traditionalists will turn to the sidhe to see that things are corrected and the sidhe are hard-pressed to refuse. Similarly, in battle, traditional trolls will invariably seek out sidhe opponents (after fellow trolls, of course), assuming that the remaining forces will fall into chaos without their leaders.

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