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Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts is the Mage: The Ascension Revised Edition sourcebook for the Virtual Adepts Tradition.


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The Space-Mind Continuum
The youngest magical Tradition is the most vibrant – and the most irreverent. Virtual Adepts don't waste time delving into ancient grimoires or contemplating their navels – they're too busy surfing the razor's edge of the next zeitgeist. They don't follow trends – they make them. By the time the mainstream catches up to their latest idea, they've moved on to new frontiers of space and mind.
Reprogramming Reality Bit by Byte
Computer hacking? That's so yesterday. Why hack computers when you can tap into reality itself – the programming language of the universe is hardwired into every mage's Avatar. Unlike other mages, Virtual Adepts aren't content just to seek enlightenment – it's time to upgrade the universe's operating system, even if it risks crashing the current program.


Prelude: Stray Dog

A fiction piece about a Virtual Adept hacker coming into conflict with an Iteration X member on the Digital Web.

Introduction: Back to Basics

Describes the contents of the book, as well as the basic themes and mood of it.

Chapter 1.0 v2: Primer

The very unclear origins of the Adepts as they remember it.

Chapter 2.0 v2: Source Code

Analyses the different paths, paradigms, factions, and different uses of Spheres by the Adepts.

Chapter 3.0 v2: Gurus and Gremlins

Sample Adept Archetypes, important characters, and a sample all-Adept Cabal.

Epilogue: Education Under Fire

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