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Tradition Book: Sons of Ether is the Mage: The Ascension Revised Edition sourcebook for the Sons of Ether.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Archaeologists of the Improbable
Defectors from the monumental halls of the Technocracy, the Sons of Ether are the avant-garde of true Enlightened Science, decode the ciphers of nature and supernature through observation, imagination and experimentation. Unlike their former brethren, they don't shut out the weird or the strange, anomalous sightings or alien visitations. They seek them out to prove them true.
Architects of Utopia
But truth is not enough, for science without principles is an ugly creed. True Science raises man to pinnacles undreamed of, giving him mastery over matter and allowing him to forge a world in which all men can achieve their best. Etherites are no mere wizards or pulp-magazine heroes – they are Scientists Supreme, using their ingenious intellects and imaginations to build a better tomorrow.


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