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Tradition Book: Order of Hermes is the Mage: The Ascension Revised Edition sourcebook for the Order of Hermes Tradition.


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By Mine Will it is Done
Since the fall of Rome, the wizards of the Order of Hermes have imposed their potent will on the Tapestry of reality – discovering, shaping and ordering the secret forces of the cosmos. Much of the modern world's very conception of magic comes from the Order's lore, as filtered through sensationalist media. But the truth is even more sensational, for Hermetics don't merely cast spells and summon demons. Their Art bends the universe itself to their will.
As Above, So Below
With the rise of the Avatar Storm and the fall of its Horizon chantries, the Order faces the greatest challenge in its history – adapt to the modern world or relinquish all power to a monolithic science that denies the Art of Magic. Now more than ever, the Order needs the creativity and audacity of the Founders.


Prologue: RenegadeEdit

A fiction piece about a renegade member of the Order.

Introduction: Phoenix from the FlamesEdit

A brief introduction/summary of the Order, as well as the mood and theme of the book.

Chapter I: Lightning and SerpentsEdit

Provides a history of the Order, from its beginning to it's situation at this point in the Ascension War.

Chapter II: The Will and the WordEdit

Goes into detail on the organisation, houses, and philosophy of the way the Order approaches magic.

Chapter III: The Way of PymanderEdit

Gives examples of Hermetics themselves. Includes eight character templates, a sample cabal, as well as biographies on pre-existing characters.

Epilogue: Dance with the DevilEdit

A conclusion to the fiction piece.

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