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Tradition Book: Hollow Ones is the sourcebook of the Hollow Ones, the anti-Traditionalists of Mage: The Ascension.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Narcissism and Absinthe?
Somewhere in the limbo between Tradition and Craft, the Hollow Ones walk their own way. They don't need anyone else's acceptance, and they sure as hell don't need anyone telling them how to go about their business. Other mages dismiss them as juveniles and junkies. And yet, even Traditionalists can be wrong... and the Hollow Ones have a very wide network indeed. Underestimated and ignored, perhaps the Hollow Ones have more strength than anyone realizes.
Please. This is Magic.
In the style of the newly revised Tradition and Convention books, an exploration of the Hollow Ones — the distinctive magical subgroup that isn't quite Tradition, Craft or faction. Finally, a book dedicated solely to this enigmatic society. Whether it's poetry and lace or utter nihilism, the Hollow Ones occupy a growing niche in the crumbling World of Darkness.


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